Ava Sabrina London

Another red blooded male has succumbed to the charms of a transsexual glamour girl. NFL star Hank Baskett who is married to Kendra Wilkinson is alleged to have been up to naughty things with stunning transsexual model Ava Sabrina London. Why she calls herself London we do not know, she is not British and does not live in London. Ava has said how Hank Baskett told her how beautiful she was and has also told the story of her transition from Paul to Ava back in 2011. It’s quite a marked difference in just 3 years. She’s had 18 different procedures costing approximately $50,000 in total, paid for by an ex boyfriend.
The 25 year old is from Modesto in California. She began hormone therapy in 2011 and has DD breast implants. Money well spent I think you’d agree. She doesn’t have any plans at the moment to undergo full genital transition  and is still packing a penis. The wews of Hank Baskett’s alleged affair broke at the end of June with Ava Sabrina London claiming he paid her for sexual acts which took place in April while Kendra Wilkinson was eight months pregnant, and then allegedly gave her further money to keep quiet. So it seems it was more of an escort/mistress type arrangement than some passionate love affair.

Transsexual Glamour Model
Ava Sabrina London
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