Chelsey Harwood Leaves This Is Liverpool

Do you know I’ve never ever watched one single episode of either “Made in Chelsea” or “The Only Way is Essex”. I just don’t see the point of producing something half staged like that, either do a documentary or write a decent storyline. However I could well be watching reruns of “This is Liverpool”. No, I’d never heard of it either until today, apparently it is an online only, Liverpool equivalent of the aforementioned programs. It used to feature a rather lovely looking blonde post-op transsexual called Chelsey Harwood. But she’s left the show now following an alleged fight with another cast member. Chelsey was receiving abusive tweets but these were then retweeted by another cast member, allegedly. However, producers for the show say Chelsey is no longer involved in the web series because she committed “gross misconduct”. Chelsey on the other hand says she wasn’t sacked and she quit and the producers are using the whole thing as a PR stunt. I’m gonna go check out a few episodes and see what the lovely Chelsey gets up to.

This is Liverpool
Chelsey Harwood
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