Dana International Euro Babe

Sexy Israeli transsexual pop star Dana International has landed herself in a spot of bother over a promotional video she shot. She was promoting Tel Aviv’s gay pride parade and was dancing suggestively in a synagogue in front of some children. The video has been removed because just one of the parents claimed that they had not given consent for their kid to appear in the video. The family thought the video was part of a “tourist campaign”, but presumably consent wasn’t given for that either ?
It was only after the event when they realised it was promoting “Gay Pride” that they objected. The two minute video clip which features Dana’s new single, “Kids Are Much Fun,” in which the singer is wearing a blonde wig and a long black dress, poses suggestively as a boy, supposed to be her son, reads from the Torah during his barmitzvah, a holy Jewish rite of passage. Dana came to fame in 1998 when she won the Eurovision song contest with the entry “DIVA”.

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