Danni Daniels Will Dominate Your Ass

Let’s discuss Danni Daniels, now, I’ve always thought she had a great body but I never really paid much attention to her. I like my transsexuals to be as feminine as possible and because of the way Danni Daniels often has her hair styled she comes across as slightly more masculine than, for example, Sarina Valentina, TS Foxxxy or Natassia Dreams. I do love Danni’s cock though, it’s got a nice width to length ratio and the bell end is pretty much the same width as the shaft, I’m not keen on a fat bell end when I’m sucking cock. So Danni Daniels cock definitely ticks all my cock sucking boxes.
The reason I’ve suddenly been drawn to Danni though is because of the launch of her new website DanniDaniels.com and I have to say it’s one of the most innovative and fresh concept adult websites that I’ve seen for a very long time. First great thing about it is that the videos are shot in an almost cinematic quality, really great production. The latest video has Danni as a transsexual Indian who gets butt fucked by a cowboy, Danni does however get to return the favour. There’s also a great threesome with another female and tgirl that involves some amazing double penetration. I just can’t get enough of watching Danni’s cock penetrate either pussy or ass and watching her hot, tanned ass pump up and down. You can see her doing this in the movie clip below where she gives Wolf a good ass fucking.
The other great thing about Danni Daniels new website is that instead of just sticking to predictable bedroom style shoots there’s a wide range of settings that you are unlikely to have seen on other websites. I’ve already mentioned the cowboy video but she also appears as an astronaut and there’s a great photo set of her covered in white clay that has dried out. So a brilliant website that’s well worth joining and keep renewing because I’m sure Danni will always have a surprise around the corner for her members. I’m particularly looking forward to the upcoming scene of Danni and TS Foxxy, who is another of my favourite tgirls. So Danni, you got me, I’ll submit and you can butt fuck me anytime.

Red Indian Danni Daniels
Danni Daniels


Danni Daniels

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