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We have long admired Delia Delions, we’ve watched her transition from a regular guy into a cross dresser and finally into a fully fledged transsexual superstar and the great news is, she’s keeping her cock. That’s what it’s all about right ? Chicks with dicks. tits and cocks on the same body. Delia is a genuine amateur TS model, she isn’t some glitzy American blonde with huge fake tits and neither is she a petite ladyboy from Asia or a booty shaking latina from Brazil. Just an ordinary TS girl that looks pretty amazing. She’s recently had her tits implanted and as we said before she’s keeping that huge cock of hers. It’s very long and very thick and has a great vein structure. You can imagine feeling the veins on your tongue as you gobbled on her throbbing meat. Delia lives with her real girlfriend Trixie, who she met in 2002 and together they run a handful of websites which feature both of them. Delia is a college educated tgirl from Seattle. Her partner Trixie is pretty damn hot too with a very curvy and fuckable backside. Being fucked by a girl with a real cock whenever you want it must be amazing. Anyway I would strongly advise you to check out the photo and video galleries at Delia TS. There’s a lot of outdoor stuff too where Delia is posing in classic style lingerie, sheer stockings, garters and suspenders and that huge cock is sticking out.

Big Cock Delia Delions
Delia TS
Big Cock Delia Delions
Delia TS


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