Tgirls First Fuck Sees Her Barebacked Outdoors

In my teens I worked on the stage at a Michigan theatre. I was only slight in stature and hadn’t really started to hit puberty yet, I also had very long hair, as a result the local theatre company asked me to act as a stand in for a girl in stage plays. I remember one night after the show the director put his hand up my skirt. I was really shocked as I had no idea about gay people or transsexuals and declined his advances. Throughout my teens I kept thinking about what had happened and would often wank off over the thought of it. I had noticed notes put on toilet walls and sometimes I would go for a visit when the shops where open for late night shopping. I was always very nervous and would never stay long and just masturbate in the toilet cubicle then get out. When I turned 18 I went into a sex shop for the first time and saw a magazine called “Transsexual Cocks” and immediately bought it.
I masturbated time and time again over the pics and soon realised that I wished I was the tgirl in the magazine getting some Transsexual Action. I finally got the nerve up and bought a black satin basque, black lace panties and black fishnet stockings from an online lingerie store. That night I went to the public toilets wearing the lingerie under my normal clothes determined to have my first real sexual experience. Within a few minutes this time whilst I was standing by the urinal, a guy in his 20’s came up and started to wank his big smooth cock while looking at me. I reached over and started to feel his hard dick. I was still very nervous and said that I didn’t want to do anything there as the police might come in. Since the toilets were at the edge of a Central park he took my hand and lead me into the trees. While we were walking he said he wanted to fuck me and I told him that I was wearing some lingerie and that I had never been fucked before. He thrust his hand down the back of my panties and squeezed my silky smooth ass. It felt so good as I was so hard and excited now.

Transsexual Virgin
Tgirl Trap

He lead me to a small bunch of bushes next to a shed and started to kiss me. I reached down and started to rub his hard cock threw his trousers. I pulled mine down so he could see what I was wearing. I then knelt down in front of him and he pulled out his hard cock. It was about 7″ and cut and for the first time in my life I started to suck on a mans cock. I probably wasn’t that good the first time as I really hadn’t learnt the technique of licking and rolling my tongue around while giving head. Still, he was moaning and I think really excited at having a young virgin arse to fuck. He pulled me up and told me to face the wall of the shed. I put my hands up against the wall and spread my legs a little apart and stuck my arse out for him. I could feel his cock rubbing against my panties and he pulled them aside. This was it, he started to push into me and I could feel the head of his cock starting to push my ass hole open. I was surprised how much it hurt but wanted him to keep going. He pulled out and entered me again, this time he got inside me further as I was more relaxed. Without thinking I started to push back to the rhythm of his strokes. I still remember him saying “Oh my god, you’re a fantastic fuck”.
It seemed like such a natural thing for me to do. Then we heard someone approaching in the dark. He pulled out and had a quick look out from the bushes and said it was alright as he knew the guy and told him to come over. I went back on my knees and started to suck both of them. The original guy pulled me back up and told me to bend over again and started to fuck me again. The new guy stood in front of me and I started to suck him as well. I was still a virgin but I was taking on two guys at once. The guy started to pound me harder and harder and I heard him groan and shudder as he came inside me. I could feel the slippery cum as he pulled out of me. Within a moment the second guy blew inside my mouth and I tasted cum for the first time as well, what an amazing first time. I looked down and realised that I had cum as well without even touching my cock and it was all inside my silk panties. I had ejaculated out of the pure pleasure of being fucked. I have to admit that the episode left me a little confused as to my sexuality but I started to dress as a girl more and more and am now very content with who I am. A full time chick with a dick.


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