Transgender Television Advert Causes Storm

Over in the United Kingdom Irish bookmaker Paddy Power have been ticked off by the Advertising Standards Authority over a TV (that’s television, not transvestite) advert they ran. It’s been ruled as offensive. Having not seen the advert it’s difficult to make a judgement on whether it was offensive. It probably wouldn’t have offended us here, I mean we love looking at tranny dick all day. The problem with bodies like the ASA is it only takes a minority to be offended to make the advert “officially offensive” when the majority probably thought it was just amusing. Anyway the advert was set at the Cheltenham Festival, during Ladies Day, (which itself could be complained about as being sexist and patronising to women, if you really wanted to go that route). It mixed some transgender ladies in with the regular girls and asked viewers to spot the “stallions” from the “mares”.
Personally I find that rather amusing. I wonder if the complaints came from those genuinely concerned about the way transgender are portrayed or those totally opposed to transgender and don’t want that “sort of thing” brought into their living rooms ? It could be either, or it could just be Paddy Power haters spotting an opportunity to kick them. Where the advert did push it’s luck a bit was when it cut from a lady holding a dog to a tgirl leaving the mens toilets and called her a “dog”. I mean as shemale lovers we all know that most transsexuals are far more attractive than chicks without dicks. Paddy Power does have a history of creating a buzz over their adverts, here’s one from two years ago, again, targeting the Cheltenham Festival, this was banned too.

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