Delia TS Revealing Her Huge Transsexual Penis

Delia Delions

We have long admired Delia Delions, we’ve watched her transition from a regular guy into a cross dresser and finally into a fully fledged transsexual superstar and the great news is, she’s keeping her cock. That’s what it’s all about right ? Chicks with dicks. tits and cocks on the same body. Delia is a genuine amateur TS model, she …

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Shauna Brooks Escorts Chris Brown

Shauna Brooks

Shauna Brooks the transsexual model and International Adult Companion recently shared with the fact that she recently spent the night at Chris Brown’s Virginia home. But they only partied together at his place which she described as “disgusting”, the pad, that is. But the party was a blast and he was a great host. Shauna said that she has …

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Diane Florida Tranny Teases Her She Cock

Florida Shemales

Slim and sexy Diane from Florida is a full on pre-op transsexual with long natural hair and an incredibly slim, feminine body. She works out hard every day to maintain that slender waist that you can see in her video. She is 24 years old and is looking for strong, well hung guys to date and have adult fun with. …

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How To Be The Hottest Transsexual In The World

Hottest Transsexual

Why is Mia Isabella the hottest transsexual in the world ? Well she’s very attractive to start with, she has lovely pouting red lips, imagine those around your cock. She has a great curvy figure, a hot ass and great firm tits and of course she has a very large tranny dick that does get and stay very hard. So …

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Would You Like To Suck My Tranny Cock

Mia Isabella Jerking Off

Mother nature may not be as perfect as we all think. She created men and then she created women but if you look at the beautiful Mia Isabella it makes you wonder why she didn’t just create one single sex, the tgirl sex. Look how gorgeous her fat cock is in this video as she slowly strokes it for you. …

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Tgirl Sammi Valentine Sucking Cock

TS Sammi Valentine

Checkout this thick cock Tgirl called Sammi Valentine. Also known as the ‘T’Rose. She is a young pre-op Transsexual lady.  Although she may appear a little ‘shy, girl-next-door type, she is totally filthy, loving to stick her hard cock in your butt, given the chance. Sex is meant to be fun, so apart from the usual bedroom shenanigans Sammi strives …

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Cute Ladyboy Shows Her Suckable Dick

Ladyboy Ning

Meet the beautiful Ning, born and raised in Manila, capital of the Philippines. Ning is a raven haired transpinay beauty with a passion for fun, new adventures and intense orgasms, she was previously known as Horny Ladyboy Lover. She stands at 5′ 5″ in height and weighs 100 lbs, with a nice hard, very suckable cock. Genuinely friendly, she loves …

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Well Hung Tranny Porn Star Mariana Cordoba

Mariana Cordoba

Mariana Cordoba is an Argentinian transsexual porn star and glamour model. She’s got a truly massive shemale cock. She was born on July 14th 1983 and started shooting porn in 2006 at the age of 23. I would love to have seen a porno featuring Mariana Cordoba and Mia Isabella. Two titans of the shemale world with massive she cocks. …

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Mia Isabella Text Messages Tyga Kylie Jenner

Mia Isabella Poolside

Tyga is an American rapper who used to be known as Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson his debut single was Coconut Juice and up until recently he was dating reality TV star Kylie Jenner. I say up until recently because allegedly he had an affair with stunning transsexual model Mia Isabella. Tyga denies this but Mia has released a series of text …

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Eva Paradis Makes Me So Fucking Horny

Eva Paradis

Check out the video below and you’ll see why Eva Paradis makes me so fucking horny, I’d love to go balls deep into her tight butt hole. I love watching her make her balls dance as she jerks that juicy cock of hers. That tight waist and firm tits and that oh so sweet ass hole, wish her finger was …

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Ladyboy With Big Bendy Cock

Ladyboy Cock

Have you heard the joke ? This guy comes home from work and his wife is distraught. Darling you’ll never guess what just happened, she says. This Panda came into the house, it ate all your dinner, jerked it’s hairy dick off and came all over the walls and then just left. I don’t believe it, says the husband. He …

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Daytona Beach Tgirl Jonelle Brooks Jerking Hard

Jonelle Brooks

I really like this video of Jonelle Brooks, I’ve had a soft spot for her for a while but this video really shows of her amazing body so well. Lovely even tan all over, not a hair on that beautiful shemale body, nice flat stomach, really smooth fuckable ass and a nice cock. Not a great fucking black sized dick …

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